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JiuZhaiGou is one of China’s most visited tourist destinations and is the most famous National Park in the country. During high season, people flood to the park making it difficult to even walk there. Winter, on the other hand, offers spectacular winter scenery filled with snow contrasting with the incredible clear blue water that makes JiuZhaiGou famous. The multitudes of tourists are replaced with huge snow drifts and frozen waterfalls, making this a perfect season for photography. In addition, this trip will take you off the beaten path into a third and lesser known valley in the park, the Zharu Nature Reserve, where we will get the chance to experience a hike through a winter landscape and get a taste of local Tibetan lifestyle.

The planned itinerary is as follows:

Day 1:
– Arrive and settle into the 5* Sheraton Hotel. Buffet dinner. Short photo talk for those who are interested afterwards.
Day 2:
– Morning: Enjoy a leisure hike into JiuZhai Valley National Park, where we will go into the relatively pristine Zharu Valley. We will have a packed lunch in the park at the site of an abandoned Tibetan village.
– Afternoon: Begin exploring the more traditional areas of JiuZhaiGou National Park (depending on time)
Day 3:
– Morning: Visit JiuZhai Valley National Park in the early morning and spend time with the frozen watery landscapes. Explore different sections of JiuZhai National Park from top to bottom.
– Afternoon: Optional photography period focusing on landscape photography, or free time to explore the park at your leisure or relax at the hotel.
– Optional dinner at a traditional Tibetan Homestay (not included)
Day 4:
– Check out and transfer to the Airport in the morning.

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