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Christmas is coming, and the festivities begin. Nothing says “The Holidays” like a quiet mountain city filled with the hustle and bustle of Christmas cheer, so we start off in Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, featuring a dreamy old town area topped by an amazing fortress that overlooks the city. The city is surrounded by snow capped mountains that provide a perfect photographic background regardless of the direction you are looking. As we explore the Advent markets, you’ll have a chance to try a large variety of festive treats. From there, head to Vienna via scenic train ride and experience the rich culture of Austria’s capital. Walking through the old town areas provides constant wonder and beauty as you discover street after street of classic European architecture. As we see some of the most famous sites of the city, including a visit to one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, we will come across many Christmas markets whose traditions date as far back as the 13th century.

The planned itinerary is as follows:

Day 1:
– Arrive in Salzburg and settle into your hotel.
– Head out for a walk in the old town, with a focus on the basics of night photography (optional, depending on arrival time) with a visit to the main Christmas market.
Day 2:
– Morning: Visit historic Salzburg, including a trip to the fortress where we will have great overviews of the city below.
– Afternoon: Visit the Christmas market and learn about long exposure photography and balancing artificial and natural light.
– Evening: Free for your own enjoyment.
Day 3:
– Late Morning: Head to Vienna on a scenic train ride through the Austrian Countryside.
– Afternoon/Evening: Check into hotel and take a walk to explore some of Vienna’s downtown Christmas markets. Try different varieties of Gl├╝hwein as we travel from market to market.
Day 4:
– Morning: Walking tour of central Vienna, where we will see many of the sites that make Vienna magnificent, including St. Stephans Cathedral, a magnificent example of Gothic Architecture. Discuss basics of Architectural photography as we go.
– Late afternoon/Evening: Head to Town Hall to explore Austria’s oldest Christmas market and enjoy the wide variety of snacks around.
Day 5:
– Morning: Visit one of the most beautiful libraries in the world before heading off for a delicious Austrian lunch.
– Afternoon: Transfer to airport for departure

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