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  • Beijing


The capital of China is a dynamic living city that has managed to contain tradition and modernity within a precarious balance. From the red walls of the Forbidden City to the sub-culture filled Sanlitun Village, you’ll find a variety of cultures and sights that will entice a photographer to capture the contrasts through their lens.

The planned itinerary is as follows*:

– Afternoon: Meet at the Summer Palace, where we will walk amongst the grounds where and focus on photographing the classic Chinese landscaping that can be found there. We then jump on the subway (where we can practice a little panning with the trains), and head to Jingshan Park where we will get a classic overview of the Forbidden City before heading down into the Hutongs of Beijing. As we explore the narrow alleyways, you’ll catch a glimpse of traditional Beijing life around every corner.
– Late Afternoon: We head towards Houhai to catch views of more daily life as we walk around the lake area. As the day get’s later, we will enjoy dinner at a local restaurant in the area before heading out to capture a balance of natural and artificial light reflected on the waters of the lake as the sun sets.

*This walk is extremely flexible, depending on the subject matter and time of day that you and your group would like to embark on this, and thus the provided schedule serves as a basis for a plan, and not the plan itself.

To be on the lookout for specific dates, check the main trips page or sign up for my mailing list or contact me. To request this trip for any other time or if you just have questions, contact dan@dansandoval.com or use the contact form.